About me

I am Paul Fitzpatrick. I have been racing Age Group triathlon since 2007, having previously been a competitive swimmer in my teens.

According to Strava, I joined Zwift in January 2018, having been an devoted TrainerRoad user for the previous couple of years and dabbling with Sufferfest before that. I now use Zwift regularly all year round, racing occasionally but mainly combining the structured workouts of TrainerRoad with the interactivity of Zwift as part of my Tri training

I first started to try DSing when asked by the Team Manager of Vision eRacing if I could step in to look after their women’s team one weekend in an invitational TTT. Not wanting to let them down, I created recce notes of the course and tried to work out who could do the best efforts on the front.

During late 2020, I started applying the things I learnt regularly, DSing for teams in the WTRL and ZRL.