DS Call Sheet


DS Call Sheet613 DownloadsThis is a blank DS Call Sheet – For use with numbers generated by the TTT Time Predictor Power Plan. If you would like to useĀ  an MS Excel version each week that allows you to update your teamĀ  and get a… Read More »DS Call Sheet

Zwift TTT Power Planner


Zwift TTT Power Planner11598 Downloads   UPDATE Feb 2024 : Document now update with revised Weight and Height calculations and revised Draft percentage savings due to release of Pack Dynamics 4.1. Testing data taken from Zwift Insider PD4.1.1 work on both Road and TT bikes.… Read More »Zwift TTT Power Planner

Zwift-DS TTT Workouts


Zwift-DS TTT Workouts991 DownloadsIn the .Zip file you will get a set of workouts you can do by yourself or as part of a MeetUp on Zwift, to practice the efforts required to be the best you can in Zwift TTTs. Press the green DOWNLOAD… Read More »Zwift-DS TTT Workouts