Zwift-DS Race Planning Spreadsheet

Zwift-DS Race Planning Spreadsheet

If you want to get the best out of your team, use my spreadsheet to work out the best power you can work to on the front of a paceline, who can provide longer turns and who should stay in the wheels.

  1. Complete all the riders names, FTP and Weights in the orange coloured boxes G5-I12
  2. ‘Sort Data’ of those riders by selecting Cells G5-I12, then use Sort Data Range and choose Column H > Greatest to Smallest
  3. Add a Power figure to Cell C5 and watch the sheet work out the %FTP and W/KG scores for each rider, based on being on the front of the group
  4. Use this information to find the optimal power number for the group, ideally around 125% of the group’s FTP. This is the number that you should be aiming for on the front of the paceline on a flat course. Use judgement to decide a figure that pushes the team as a whole, but is not too much for too many of the squad.
  5. The rider order will be set for you to spread the weaker riders through the group, with rider 7 and 8 left at the back of the list. This is in case you have less than 8 riders for the particular event you are planning.
  6. Go to the Call Sheet tab.
  7. Decide the length of turns on the front for each rider. I would suggest between 20 and 60s, depending on the FTP percentage they are working to, vs the group average, after you have completed the power on the front number.
  8. You are aiming for most of the riders to be at or above 120%, but need to have enough below 130% to be able to take turns.
  9. Print off this Call Sheet. It has everything a DS needs. Names, Durations, Power levels in each position to remind the riders and the ability to tick people off as they do turns
  10. Use a stopwatch to time the turns and keep calling your riders through – Simple! Good Luck.