Zwift Race Power Planner

Zwift Race Power Planner

UPDATE Nov 6th 2021 : Document now update with revised Weight and Height calculations and revised Draft percentage savings due to release of Pack Dynamics 3.0. Testing data taken from

UPDATE May 20th 2021 : A mistake in the calculations was spotted that means Riders 4-8 may have not had quite the right figures in position 1, by about 5-10 watts. This is now corrected in the latest download.

UPDATE April 2021: The sheet mentioned in the video has now been updated. Now you need to enter W/KG, Watts and HEIGHT, rather than WEIGHT to get a detailed breakdown of each rider’s power requirements.


Decide a Power number for the flat. the default of 125% of the bulk of the team, based on raw FTP is a good starting point

This number can be flexible based on the length of the race, for a sub 40min effort you might push for 135%, over an hour perhaps only 120% – This is a figure you need to decide and agree with the team.

The sheet can then help you decide if you

  • Rotate the whole group and who can hold the front for longer periods, perhaps 60s plus,  vs others in the team who might only do short turns of 20-30s, OR

  • Use a single strong rider or two, with others ‘making up the numbers’, by staying in the draft at a set % of FTP

  • In some cases you might tell the whole team to ride a set percentage if the numbers align, effectively all riding an individual Time Trial, but in a group

The sheet also shows the w/kg and raw power required to stay in certain positions in the line for each rider. This can be reassuring for a team to know they can be at well below FTP for periods of the event, when not on the front.