Si Bradeley Chat – Pt1

Great conversation, talking about the creation of my original Power Planner spreadsheet and how teams can use it to get faster in Team Time Trials, plus the creation of the TTT Time Predictor.

Below is a quick overview video on how to use my new TTT Time Predictor as well as the Power Planner to give your team the best chance of an efficient and fast pace line

By taking just a few details and comparing your entered stats to the known best teams over that course, I am confident that in most instances I can get to well within 60s of an accurate time for your team.

Note: throughout this video I reference ‘FTP’, but what I actually mean is the % vs the power you entered into the form, which may NOT actually be the rider’s FTP, but is a more accurate reflection of their performances during previous TTTs.

If you would like to get hold of the separate Excel sheet mentioned in both Videos, that gives wattage details for every rider by position, you can find that HERE

TTT Time Predictor and Power Plan