TTT Workouts

Below you can download a .zip folder, which contains a set of workouts in Zwift format. Once extracted, any of them can be added to your Zwift ‘Custom Workouts’ folder. There are 8 in total:

  • – A 65 minute workout that includes a 20 minute Warm Up, before going into a simulated 37 minute TTT. It will give you a chance to practice the efforts required at the intensity needed to acheive the best result in a TTT
  • – A workout the same as above, but this starts with the immediate 100% FTP rollout that a team might encounter to get up to speed.
  • – A set of 6 workouts, that are all based on the above, but with one difference. The 6 workouts are staggered, so that you can all practice the surges required independently within a team.

Strictly speaking the efforts should overlap, but the idea is the same. Simply set up a ‘Stay together’ Meet-up in Zwift, then all choose a different number Rider. Once you are all waiting for the Meet-up start, load your relevant workout. Details below

  • To download the .zip file, click HERE to visit the secure Download page.
  • To see how to add a .zwo file to your Zwift account visit Zwift
  • To add any workout to your stay together Meetup, full details are on Zwift Insider
  • If you fancy creating your own workouts in .zwo format, you can do this directly in Zwift. I like to use the very easy web based tool