Course Notes – 1 Laps + Lead-In – 24.1km

New course this week, never WTRL’d before! Could be as little as 30 mins for some of the best teams, so a bit different from #100.

The only significant climb is Box Hill, arriving after 15.6km. Other than this, there is the 500m climb that appears once during the Lead-In, as you turn right off the Embankment and head up to Trafalgar Sq. This comes at about 3.5km… oh, and don’t think Box Hill ends at the arch, you need to push on over the steep section 500m later before you get any relaxation.

Outside of this incline and a couple of rises out of tunnels or escalators, you should be able to safely carry out lots of turns on the front, fully utilising a TTT rotation.

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
Lead In
3.5km500m5%Drag up to Trafalgar Sq – Agree w/kg for group!
10.5km1km2-4%Double bump incline out of tunnel, before right turn downhill
Minor caution only, if someone just coming off a turn
15.6km3km4% AvAm sure you have ridden this before
Watch out for the little extra kick after the banner @ 19.2km
Lots of Supertuck opportunities on the way down
22.6kmEscalators! Hit them early with power
Don’t wait until you on them to start pushing – you will get dropped!
24kmBuild for Sprint Finish – Race Each Other!