Course Notes – 2 Laps + Lead-In – 28.9km

One of the flattest courses to be ridden in game. The only significant ‘climb’ appears once during the Lead-In, as you turn right off the Embankment and head up to Trafalgar Sq. This comes at about 3.5km

Outside of this incline and a couple of rises out of tunnels, you should be able to safely carry out turns on the front, fully utilising a TTT rotation.

Try to keep the team together for at least the first lap, but you may wish to go without if a split occurs at either of the short inclines that come at 25.3km and 26.8km

This is a course where the fastest teams go REALLY fast, nailing their high power intervals on the front. My Time Predictor and Power Planner should give you an idea of what is possible for your team, but on this course you have got to be a really well drilled unit for the best times.

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
Lead In
3.5km500m5%Drag up to Trafalgar Sq – Agree w/kg for group!
15km800m3%Caution here against splits if people are tired
26.8km800m3%If you split here, just keep pushing!
28kmBuild for Sprint Finish – Race Each Other!