Course Notes – 2 Laps – 33km

Over the 16km or so each lap, you have the second half where things are pretty flat and it is a power course where solid Rotations and good discipline at high wattage (125%+ of Team Average Power) will pay dividends.

Problem is, you then have the 1st half of each lap that, after an initial fast downhill, has the 3 team-splitting climbs of 500m, 700m and roughly 1km respectively. Could be worse though, you could be doing it the right way around!

My thoughts on how to tackle the two halves are below.

A note on the TTT Time Predictor and Power Planner for this course. Due to time constraints the calibration on the this course is based on the NON-reverse course. Reverse is available on the Predictor, but might be a little more out than usual. However, you can still take the opportunity to download the Power Planner spreadsheet to help your team tactics.

The Power Planner will tell every rider what they need to be doing in every position. You need to abandon these on the 3 climbs however, to choose a w/kg target that all riders can acheive. I would suggest an average of the team ‘Position 2’ w/kg on the first lap and then really stretch it on Lap 2 for each climb

Full Details below. Distances are full race distance, starting from the pens. Use the PRINT button for a simplified print out.

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
0.2km900mBlast out the gates at threshold and don’t consider turns until after this descent. Ignore the Supertuck, you should be above the 2w/kg it represents.
1.7km500m6%CLIMB #1: Starts a bit before 1.7km, but ramps up at this point. Straight into an agreed team w/kg and blob up.
2.3km200m-10%Small chance for breather, worth a quick freewheel before straight into…
2.7km300m6-12%CLIMB #2: Try and push slightly more than Climb 1 on this shorter hill, again mindful of matching your w/kg across the team
Lighter riders who may have drifted off the front should keep going as heavier riders will catch up on descent that follows
3km400mShort flatter section, ideal to regroup before next descent
4.1km2.8kmOther than a couple of speed bumps, this is the first chance you have as a team to get some rotations in.
7km1km3-6%CLIMB #3: A longer drag in two steps that can’t just be muscled up. Settle into a power just around the average w/kg threshold of the group and try to stay together for this section to help with the longer flat section to come.
8km8.3kmNo significant elevation changes, now time to really pull proper turns for all riders, in line with Power Plan.
DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
16.7km900mIf the group needs it, you could Supertuck here, but suggest you carry on turns until the climb again
18.2km500m6%CLIMB #1: Try and push the power 0.5w/kg up now – if you lose someone, likely it would be best to just go, as they will only get dropped on the next climb again
18.8km200m-10%Small chance for breather, worth a quick freewheel before straight into…
19.2km300m6-12%CLIMB #2: Stand and drive this hill, time to be gained with big effort here.
19.5km400mShort flatter section, ideal to regroup before next descent
20.6km2.8kmBack to rotations as Lap 1
23.5km1km3-6%CLIMB #3: If you have 4 or more then keep pushing and just see who can make it to the top together. If not, modulate effort for your weakest rider.
24km8.3kmTime to make the most of who is left in line with Power Plan. If some riders are stronger, let them take the pulls and everyone tuck in for the final k. With 5km to go, look to increase the power on the front, with shorter turns. Whoever is left should be on their limit in the final km, then just race each other to the end.