Course Notes – 1 Lap – 22.6km

Last raced back in December and at only one lap, this will be less than 30mins for the best teams, so the pain for everyone is reasonably short lived. But for a DS keeping a team together – this course could be a real pig!

This event is one where knowing what everyone should be doing on the climb, relative to each other and being able to agree a watts/kg for the long climb would be sensible. In fact this is a course where pacelines really may not offer much in the way of benefit unless you are a really well drilled team – a w/kg blob, with agreed figures for all (not the SAME w/kg necessarily) could be the best way.

You could also consider using some of your more powerful, but perhaps heavier riders on the front, up to the foot of the KQoM because staying together over such a long duration could be tricky and the lost time in waiting is MUCH more than just carrying on without.

Full Details below. Distances are full race distance, starting from the pens. Use the PRINT button for a simplified print out. I try to keep these notes to the point and only show things that actually effect the team significantly, otherwise there is just too much to try and communicate.

The TTT Power Planner is also updated for this course, so even though it is short, you can still get an idea of your team’s time HERE

DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
0km400mneg 1-3%Out the pens and straight downhill – lighter riders need to make sure they get out quick so not to get dropped right a the beginning.
400m900mA little kick-up at 6% that should help bring the team together as the pace slows, then undulations across the park that won’t have much effect. Try and get a leader to set a high pace and give the team chance to settle.
1.3km600mA false flat that should still allow some early turns, but probably best to work in a blob still with a leader taking a long turn, based on the person working at the lowest percentage of their FTP when taking the group ability into account
1.9km2.3kmAnother little kick up of 300m before a series of descending rollers – some opportunity for a couple of turns on the front to keep the pace high
4.2km400mneg 5-7% little descent to the lowest part of the course. ligher riders just need to be mindful, but will likely catch back into the group on….
4.6km1km5-8%….the little rise that follows – only 1km, but rising to 8-9% at the end. Team should all just push hard over this to maintain speed.
6km2.5kmAfter dropping over the other side for 500m, then 2km of rollers. Very possible a Position 1 w/kg will be best here.
8.5km2.3kmFirst real lengthy opportunity for a couple of turns, where the strongest 1-2 riders in the team take a pull to increase blob speed, others need to know their positional numbers on the power plan
10.8km1.9kmKQoM Time: A mix of gradients, but important thing is to stay together if you can, but if someone is dropping early or cannot match the w/kg figures of others, then time to say goodbye here.
12.7km1.9kmBack down the other side – Supertuck ops here, but if you are pushing more than 3w/kg as a group, this is slower unless you are desperate for the rest.
14.6km5kmBack over a series of 3 rollers, none of which are long enough and as a team, you could just do turns on the front to keep up a good pace and some team discipline, rather than just a blob smash fest
19.6km600m4%Big push on this, stand and drive as a group, turns not necessary, but watch for splits. This is the last hard push before the finish for each person as an individual.
20.2km2.4kmTime to call on those that are strongest to pull the group home – nothing left to do here but give encouragement and drive to the end.