Course Notes – 1 Laps – 30.2km

A tricky route with potential to split teams up definitely, not least due to 2 passes through those tricky Esses

Starting with longish ride out to the first trip up the long side of Watopia KQoM, which is actually only about 400m of any real effort, then a long false flat to the banner – Then a 2 hairpin Super-Tuck- Yay!.

A first pass through the Esses, someone who has just come off a turn could get caught out and dropped by a fast moving team.

Long largely uneventful mid-section after this should allow good rotations using the Power Planner worksheet, before the slog up the short side of the KQoM that if you drop someone here, the downhill after the banner may make it impossible for them to get back on.
Final trip through the Esses could involve a Hero pull for someone, before your last few go on without to the finish. Find out how long it might take you with my Online Time Predictor & Power Planner

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
0.0km3.5kmNo significant features – time to get team together and rotating
3.5km200m3%Tunnel exit – stand and push over
7.5km400m5-9%Initial part of KoM – agreed w/kg based on group avg. to keep group blobbed
7.9km2km2% AvCouple of Dips, chance to regroup early on, but otherwise rotations
9.8km1km-6-7%You CAN Supertuck this whole section after left turn, pedal before bridge though!
12.1km500m2%Drag off the sea-front, rotations should be possible
12.6km1.2kmThe ESSES – try to blob up and hold similar w/kg to avoid splits
20.5km200m3%Tunnel Exit again!
21.7km1km6-7%w/kg blob – if someone struggles here, they unlikely to get back on due to downhill afterwards
27.6km1.4kmThe ESSES again – push at above threshold w/kg, if above 4 in group then anyone dropped is not an issue – otherwise stay together
29kmPotential long pull from final bump of Esses, then the Sprint to the line