Course Notes – 2 Laps + Lead-In – 28.9km

One of the flattest courses to be ridden in a while. The only significant ‘climb’ appears once during the Lead-In, as you turn right off the Embankment and head up to Trafalgar Sq. This comes at about 3.5km

Outside of this incline and a couple of rises out of tunnels, you should be able to safely carry out turns on the front, fully utilising a TTT rotation.

Try to keep the team together for at least the first lap, but you may wish to go without if a split occurs at either of the short inclines that come at 25.3km and 26.8km

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
Lead In
3.5km500m5%Drag up to Trafalgar Sq – Agree w/kg for group!
15km800m3%Caution here against splits
26.8km800m3%If you split here, just keep pushing!
28kmBuild for Sprint Finish – Race Each Other!