Course Notes – 1 Laps + Lead-In – 31.1km

One of the flatter courses and one that has been numerous times in ZRL/WTRL. The only significant ‘climb’ appears once during the Lead-In, as you turn right off the Embankment and head up to Trafalgar Sq. This comes at about 3.5km. That incline is repeated at 27.4km

Outside of this incline and a couple of rises out of tunnels, you should be able to safely carry out turns on the front, fully utilising a TTT rotation during the London section. After the tube, there is a drag past the bottom of Box Hill to watch out for and of course the escalators coming back into London

Try to keep the team together until at least Box Hill, but you may wish to go without if a split occurs at after this point or on escalator.

Why not see how fast you are likely to go with the Zwift DS Time Predictor – this will give you a time for your 4 (min required) to 6 riders, based on the best WTRL TTT racers. It will also tell you the power that each rider should be using on the front and for how long, based on their Weight and Height.

Full DS notes below – use the Print button for simplified version to combine with the Time Predictor Power Plan and DS Call sheet

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
Lead In
3.5km500m5%Drag up to Trafalgar Sq – Agree w/kg for group!
10.3km400m3-4%Continue turns but light riders may need to modulate effort
11.6km500m2%Rise out of tunnel – stand and push to maintain momentum
14.5km3kmReally flat section all the way to the tunnel – efficient turns req.
18.5km400m5%Past base of Box Hill – splits common here – decision time!
Consider a blob and w/kg target until 21km
22.5km15%Escalators, stand and drive into them – flat section after to reconnect, but don’t wait too long, there is little chance to make up seconds after this.
27.4km500m5%2nd time up to Trafalgar – if you have 4 or more then big effort and risk split.
30.3kmBuild for Sprint Finish – Race Each Other!