Course Notes – 1 Lap – 25.3km (129m elevation)

This course is made for a TTT with a long stretch of very flat, other than a couple of speed bumps, for the first 12km. Then a single big effort climb that most teams should be able to get over with some real digging in. Finishing with some undulations that will split a tired team who have been hammering without a break for 25 mins.

Details below. Distances are full race distance, starting from the pens. Use the PRINT button for a simplified print out.

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
5.3km3.3kmSerious of little bumps, never really much above 2%, turns should be possible.
12.9km600m2-3% AvBuild towards Aquaduct – Make sure everyone is ready. Consider putting a lighter rider on the front and rein them in at this point – asking them to lead on to climb
13.5km300m4-5%Aquaduct proper – w/kg target here to keep together to turn. If you lose a heavier but poweful flat rider on the way up, may be worth a (slight) soft pedal by lighter riders on the way down the other side to let them back on. Split/wait decision needed before before the flat though!
17.4km3.3km-3%/3%Sawtooth profile of constant undulations. If team still together consider carrying on rotations, but be cautious of riders hitting slight incline after a turn
Would advise against a ‘sink and sprint’ changeover in case it timed wrong. Favour a gentle drift to the back, without too much coming completely off the power.
21.7km500m2-3%Speed bump 1 – TIme to consider w/kg blob. Anyone dropped now definitely left behind – don’t wait on the small descent.
22.7km500m3%Speed bump 2
23.6km400m3%Speed bump 3
24.7km300mHard right on the course to flat finish – build to sprint