Course Notes – 2 Laps – 36km (145m elevation)

Tick Tock, another great course where solid rotations and big efforts of 120%+ will make for a fast time. First 10km across the desert is pan flat on the outward part of Tempus Fugit. The first of 3 inclines per lap comes at 10km as you pass the billboard on the left. Worth picking a number you can all do here on lap 1. I would suggest the equivalent W/KG for each rider when in Pos1-2 , based on the Power Planner (below). Once you hit Lap2 and this climb comes again at 27km, then it is time to push the W/KG agreed figure and drop your strugglers. Perhaps agree that someone does some big turns across the desert?

Other than the climb out of the Tunnel at 14.8km and 31.8km respectively, that everyone should be able to drive up, the only other place of caution is as you go over the wooden bridge and back to the desert. Just be mindful of those at the back needing a bit more power to stay attached.

Details below. Distances are full race distance, starting from the pens. Use the PRINT button for a simplified print out.

Don’t Forget to try my TTT Time Predictor and Power Planner – complete with DS Call Sheet

DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
0km10km0%Flat race across the desert, start out at an agreed power, get in line and start rotating based on the Power Planner
10km900m3% AvIncline out of the Desert does drag, be prepared and all hold an agreed W/KG for your Pos1-2, just below Threshold.
14.8km300m4%Tunnel Exit on Lap 1, Stand and push through
15.5km300m3%Mixed surface incline back to Desert – some caution on rotations
16km11km0%Back across the Desert again, time to nail those rotations again.
27km3%Second time out into the trees, need to push on here and potentially drop strugglers for a faster time.
31.8km4%Tunnel exit 2 – stand and push, but be mindful of your remaining team numbers.
32.5km3%Mixed surface again, make a call on who you have left and start to lift the turn power, but decrease the time on the front
33km0%Big turns now if you have the numbers, consider that Hero self-sacrifice pull from one of your best riders
36km0%Everything you have left!!