Course Notes – 1 Lap – 24.2km (145m elevation)

This course is made for a TTT with a long stretch of very flat, other than a couple of speed bumps, for the first 13km. Then a short, hard big effort climb that most teams should be able to get over with some real digging in. Once over the aquaduct where I suggest teams look to stay together, you are back to solid intervals for another 2.5km.

This 2.5km could be crucial to a fast time. Use your big power riders to really pull hard to the base of the Petit KOM, possibly sacrificing themselves. Then go as hard as your 4th best rider will allow, using w/kg as a guide, dropping everyone else. Once you reach the top, it is downhill all the way to the finish, so there is no point waiting for anyone once the climb starts.

Details below. Distances are full race distance, starting from the pens. Use the PRINT button for a simplified print out.

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
5.3km3.3kmSeries of little bumps, never really much above 2%, turns should be possible all the way through
12.9km600m2-3% AvBuild towards Aquaduct – Make sure everyone is ready. Consider putting a lighter rider on the front and rein them in at this point – asking them to lead on to climb
13.5km300m4-5%Aquaduct proper – w/kg target here to keep together to turn. If you lose a heavier rider on the way up, may be worth a soft pedal by lighter riders on the way down the other side to let them back on for subsequent flat TT. Split/wait decision needed before before the flat.
17.2km2.7kmPETIT KOM – Details of bends below – 4th best person is your limiter
17.2km3-4%700m to 1st Hairpin
18km2-3%200m to 2nd Hairpin
18.2km5-6%300m to 3rd Hairpin
18.5km2-3%300m to 4th Hairpin
18.8km6%400m to 5th Hairpin
19.2km2%200m to 6th Hairpin
19.4km6%500m to TOP
22km2kmDownhill race to the finish for whomever is left standing!