Course Notes – 2 Laps + Lead-In – 42.8km

One of the longer courses, but also one of the most straightforward.

Starting in desert pens, the first 10km are flat, so once you are out and moving, you need to quickly get into some Rotations in line with the planned numbers. You can discover the best tactics for your team using my TTT Time Predictor and Power Planner

After the drag out of the desert, where caution is needed to keep people together on the first lap, you sweep down through the trees before approaching the only proper climb on the loop. There is nothing to be done here other than riding well as a blob, keeping your w/kg in check based on an agreed figure. I would recommend something just around the average threshold power of the group in terms of w/kg. The slope is not super steep though, so lighter riders may still drift ahead even when doing the same w/kg.

Once down the other side, you should be able to rotate, but watch out for the undulations that could catch a rider out coming off a turn, if they back off too much. Then you are back in the desert to do it all again.

Definitely a race where sensible pacing early on can pay dividends later. Don’t panic if you lose time to teams around you early, keep to the plan and leave yourself energy to push on the 2nd lap, dropping riders on the climb if necessary.

Listed details below. Distances are full race distance, starting from the pens.

Animated Map by
LAP 1 – 22.6km (inc. 2.5km Lead-In)
0.0-10.0k : FLAT – Rotations as per Power Planner
10.0-11.3k : Drag out of the Desert, ^2-3% – 2mins Effort – watch for splits
12.6-13.7k : Undulating – but creeping up to start the climb proper
13.7-15.2k : Main Climb ^2-3%, 3mins Effort – Consider a w/kg target for the whole group on Lap1
15.3-16.1k : >-4% – Supertuck opportunity to get short rest
16.2-16.7k : FLAT – Rotations
16.7-19.6k : Lumpy but largely downhill – Caution with lighter riders getting dropped.
19.6-22.6k : Flat – Rotations 

LAP 2 – 20.1km
22.6-30.2k : FLAT – Rotations at xx
30.4-31.7k : ^2-3% – 2mins Effort – watch for splits
32.9-34.0k : Heading towards the climb, few up and downs
34.0-35.6k : Climb ^2-3%, 3mins Effort at w/kg target 0.5Wkg higher than Lap 1, anyone dropped now should be left
35.6-36.4k : >-4% – Supertuck
36.6-37.1k : FLAT – Rotations
37.1-40.0k : Start hitting high power, shorter turns now and just focus on the final 4 riders staying together
40.0-42.9k : Flat – Rotations  – Sprint finish – if you have enough left, consider a bit turn from your strongest.