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How To DS a Zwift Team Time Trial

My video overview on how I go about preparing for and then executing the Team Time Trials that I DS, In the WTRL and ZRL events.

  • Update April 2021 – You can now use the TTT Time Predictor, to not only get an accurate estimation of your team’s time on a given course, but also create your own Race plan, taking into account each rider’s weight, height and ability.
  • Alternatively, you can download your own updated version of the file mentioned in this video and find some instructions on its use on the secure Download page HERE. You can also download the Zip File of Workouts too – HERE

How The Best Teams Race TTT – by the numbers

My 2nd video focuses on the number and techniques that are being used by the top teams to achieve the times they do. If you have ever wondered how they are going so fast and how to optimise your team’s performance, this video will help.

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