Race Notes

WTRL TTT – Gr. London 8


Time Predictor Look-up Tables To use these tables, you need the following data. Male and Mixed teams should use the blue framed chart, Female teams the dusky pink chart. The large weight and height differences between Male and Female teams can throw off the maths,… Read More »WTRL TTT – Gr. London 8

WTRL #153 – Innsbruckring


Distance Feature Length Elevation Notes 0km 2.8km Occasional rollers – nothing to stop Rotations 2.8km 0.2km 2% Sustained drag – watch for gaps. 3.5km 1.5km Rotations – pick your stronger riders to take you to climb 5km 0.5km 8% CLIMB – Agree your w/kg and… Read More »WTRL #153 – Innsbruckring