Zwift TTT Power Planner

Zwift TTT Power Planner


UPDATE Feb 2024 : Document now update with revised Weight and Height calculations and revised Draft percentage savings due to release of Pack Dynamics 4.1. Testing data taken from Zwift Insider PD4.1.1 work on both Road and TT bikes. Note, document takes a slight approximation between the two tests, to allow maximum flexibility. You should use this sheet in conjuntion with an understanding of the dynamics, as laid out by Zwift Insider.

Decide a Power number for the flat. the default of 125% of the bulk of the team, based on raw FTP is a good starting point

This number can be flexible based on the length of the race, for a sub 40min effort you might push for 135%, over an hour perhaps only 120% – This is a figure you need to decide and agree with the team.

The sheet can then help you decide if you

  • Rotate the whole group and who can hold the front for longer periods, perhaps 60s plus,  vs others in the team who might only do short turns of 20-30s, OR

  • Use a single strong rider or two, with others ‘making up the numbers’, by staying in the draft at a set % of FTP

  • In some cases you might tell the whole team to ride a set percentage if the numbers align, effectively all riding an individual Time Trial, but in a group

The sheet also shows the w/kg and raw power required to stay in certain positions in the line for each rider. This can be reassuring for a team to know they can be at well below FTP for periods of the event, when not on the front.

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