Slightly revised tactics this week. Utilising some more detailed calculations on my part as to exactly what power each person needed to do in every position in the line, taking into account their weight and height, we worked around an average on the front of 270W.

This meant more even turns rather than asking more powerful riders to do longer turns and each person was operating at around 120-125% of their own FTP on the front. Also meant we got the inaugural 2-3 pulls from Beccy Tipping on the front. Good work!💪Got to the bottom of Box Hill all together and then we agreed a 4w/kg figure initially to get most of the way up. Unfortunately lost Cat Haines half way up, who had got the short straw on doing a pull into BH. 😟After a bit of a split on the way down, where Laura Paine and others had to hammer downhill (sorry), we came together ok in the tunnel back to London without too much lost time. Then it was a race to the line. Initially a bit disappointed with the finish position of 10th, but the numbers were all bang on and this week there were just new teams that had not been there before. We beat all our usual rivals and as the person on the mic it felt like a calmer and more fluid ride than usual, so all in all another fantastic result from the ever changing Unicorn squad.