SEPTEMBER 23: Due to the increasing costs of hosting the Time Predictor platform and numerous changes to the Drafting Dynamics since this tool was created, I have decided to remove this functionality for now. Thanks for your support so far! Paul

Welcome to the Zwift-DS Time Predictor. Ever wondered:

  • – How fast your Team can complete a given course, before you start?
  • – Wondered how much difference having only 4 riders makes vs 8?
  • – Wanted to know how much difference is down to Power or Weight (or even Height)?
  • – How those top teams go so flipping quick?

Well my Time Predictor will tell you, to within about a minute, possibly as close as 20s, how fast your team will go vs the known best performances over that course in the past, split by Gender.

May 2021: If you just want to hold an Excel ‘Power Planner’ sheet on file that allows you to calculate power for each rider in your team, in every position, you can download this sheet HERE

Prior to starting the form, simply gather together the following:

  • 1) Average W/KG (e.g 3.4 etc) of each team member, when competing in a recent race (ideally TTT)
  • 2) Corresponding raw watts (e.g. 250) for those same members
  • 3) Their Heights in CM. This used to be availabe in the last few columns of ZP data, but ideally you should just ask your team
  • 4) PERMISSION – Please make sure your team are happy. See note on data below.

Important Note about data: The Predictor does not ask for any personally identifiable information, but will store the numbers you enter to generate a target time. None of the data will be shared with anyone and I do not take any information that means I can contact you at any point. This is a service for you, not a data gathering exercise for me. There is no registration required, but if you allow the data to stay on file under a unique randomly generated code, it will allow you to come back and update your team each week (to follow). If you want to receive a power plan for each rider to work to in a paceline, you do need to add some kind of identifier (name, initials, 1-8, A-H), but I don’t need or want full names. If you are uncomfortable entering W/KG, Watts and Height Data, please don’t use this site. If you would like this data removed after, please send a note via the contact form with the Team Unique Code you receive (ZDS-xxxxxx) and I will delete your record from the database asap.

Enjoy, Paul