Course Notes – 1 Lap – 22.9km

Similar to Astoria Line 8, spaghetti-ing its way around the New York lower roads, but with one big ol’ climb added in the middle. At only one lap, this will be less than 30mins for the best teams, so the pain for everyone is reasonably short lived.

This event is one where knowing what everyone should be doing on the climb, relative to each other and being able to agree a watts/kg for the long climb would be sensible.

You could also consider using some of your more powerful, but perhaps heavier riders on the front, up to the foot of the KQoM because staying together over such a long duration could be tricky and the lost time in waiting is MUCH more than just carrying on without.

Full Details below. Distances are full race distance, starting from the pens. Use the PRINT button for a simplified print out. I try to keep these notes to the point and only show things that actually effect the team significantly, otherwise there is just too much to try and communicate.

DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
0km1.2km1-3%No significant inclines, plenty of time to get the group together. Go out at group average Pos 2 power and then choose a first leader to ramp up the speed.
1.2km700m-2-4%Slight downhill, lighter riders might need to just over power to stay in blob, straight into…
2.3km400m….Steeper descent at up to -8%, then flattens out. Turns should be possible.
3.1km700m5-10%CLIMB 1: Worth pushing a big number up this for a couple of minutes only. Most time is likely to be made on other teams on this slow section. To and get everyone through this with an agreed w/kg figure. 10% is the late maximum.
4.2km1.7km3%Series of 3 rolling humps that should not stop Rotations as per power plan, other wise riders should all power up at Pos 1 Power, as any gaps can be made up on….
6km2.1km….Long sweeping descent that will allow you to regroup before first climb. There is a bump at 7.1km, but you should be going too fast to really notice.
8.1km2km17% maxCLIMB 2: The main KQoM. 5 mins+ of effort for most people. This is where you lose riders most probably. Everyone should be at threshold as this is where time is made. Don’t wait for drop riders as long as you have 4, too much time is lost regrouping.
10km2kmLong ramped descent, now is time to re-gather at least 4 over the top and work on the downhill at just below threshold, same as on the way up. This might be where lost riders on the way up can get back on if necessary
12km4.7kmRotations here as no significant elevation changes, other than little kick about 14.7
16.7km500m5%Long enough and steep enough to suggest back to a w/kg figure, again if you have enough, don’t worry about dropping people now, the event is short to waste time waiting, rather than dropping a rider.
17.1km1km-4%Last descent opportunity to regroup before finish push.
18.1km400m4%Big push on that, stand and drive as a group, turns not necessary, but watch for splits
18.9km1.6kmSame Series of 3 rolling humps that should not stop Rotations as per power plan, other wise riders should all power up at Pos 1 Power, as any gaps can be made up on…
20.5km1.8kmCall on a strong riders now to step up with a ‘Hero’ pull across the park before being dropped potentially.
22.3km300m9% maxLast big push – everyone for themselves as hard as you can to the line.