Course Notes – 1 Lap inc Lead-In – 42.5km

For such a long course, this one is actually quite straight forward, with lots of opportunity for some good team tactics. Do you for instance burn some riders early on a course that less than 20% of teams broke the 1 hour mark at previous running of this course.

There are 5 points of note for your team to consider (distances from desert start pens)

  • 2-3% incline out of the desert @ 10km. Lasting 900m before the left turn as you enter the trees
  • The dreaded Esses, coming at 18.5km with 4-5 lumps. In this direction it starts with a long drag
  • Volcano KQoM, starting at 22.2km. 8-10mins of effort where riders may choose to drop off – or maybe you agree they will be!!
  • Gravel switchbacks after returning from volcano, over the cobbles and past the waterfall. 1km of varying incline where someone could easily fall off if not concentrating. Starting at 32.2km
  • Hilly KQoM Reverse – one of my favourites. Starting just after 34km, it builds gently, but kicks up from 34.5-35km before the longer, shallower drag all the way to the arch… Do you supertuck on the way down? You can, all the way to the bridge, but pushing 4w/kg in those final several hundred meters will be faster and might make you a place or two!
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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
10km900m2%Gently drag and curve out of desert – nothing dramatic
18.5km1.3kmThe Esses- first drag into them is the longest, but don’t lose people just yet if you can help it. Tip here, stay in one gear to push over the rises and spin the descents. You are less likely to get dropped this way vs flicking through gears and losing drive at the crucial moment.
22.2km4kmVolcano KQoM, ’nuff said!
32.2km1km2-4%Gravel switchbacks, cobbles and fountain
34.5km500m4-8%The meat of the reverse hilly KQoM, then a drag to 37km before potential supertuck
40kmBack past the start pens and build for the big finish at the stone arch!