Course Notes – 1 Lap + Lead In – 30.04km

Returning to a not often visited route this week, with a single lap of the course that always brings up the same question – Bike Swappage! Getting it out the way early – IMHO, it isn’t worth it. Some detailed work by Zwift Insider shows that you ‘could’ save around 40s if you nail your swaps from an aero road bike, to MTB, and back again. It is possible this is improved further by the arrival of TT bikes in game, but this assumes the whole team manage it (twice) and you stay together. Otherwise you could end up falling apart and being slower overall as you regroup. I would suggest pick the fastest road bike/TT bike you have and just crack on. It is possible that backmarkers may need to push a lilttle more than usual to stay in the draft on the gravel.

After leaving the pier and turn down through the tunnels – 3% exit to just be wary of @ 3.4km – the only climb of note is the start of the Epic KOM. You turn off this to the Jungle at 6km and the gradient eases before dropping down to the gravel at 7km.

Loop around the forest, mostly 2-3% down then up (mind the 8% of the Indiana Jones bridge) as you climb back out the way you came and head home with a very TTT friendly last 9km or so. It possible that a W/KG blob all the way from 13.3km to 18.7km is the best way to go.

More details below. All distances are based on full race distance from Start Pens. Use button above to print off simplified notes page for DS-ing.

HAVE YOU TRIED THE RACE TIME PREDICTOR YET? – Find out your Team’s likely finish time before you even start. Lower wattage teams are definitely peanlised by the surface vs top team.

DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
0km3.4kmPlenty of time to get into Rotations
3.4km0.2km3%Tunnel exit – watch for gaps, all stay seated and lighter riders simply ease slightly
4.7km1.3km8% maxSwitchbacks of lower Epic – blob up at blue marker and stay together at Pos1-2 w/kg
6km1.2kmc3%Consider staying in blob, but speed will pick up and drafting possible
7.2km1.5kmc-3%Long descent into jungle with plateau – rotations possible but lighter riders need to ad 5-10W or heavier drop 5-10W
8.7km0.6kmc1%Slight plateau point, but keep with turns
9.4km2.5kmc-2% Remaining drop to bottom of jungle
11.9km1.4km0%Flat through the caves at the bottom – back on the turns
13.3km2.6km3%Long gravel drag out of the jungle – rotations possible here.
16.2km0.3km8%Indiana Jones bridge – all stand and drive hard.
17.2km1.5km-8-10%Continued drag – out to road and final high point
18.7km2.5km2-8%Back down the hill – some chance to soft pedal and get your breath. Decide who is feeling good to lead the charge home.
21.2km9kmRotations – Talk to each other and build up the power. Shorter efforts if necessary. Only the little kicker at the back of the volcano (26.7km) to catch you out. Once you go under the rock arch, build to a racing finish!