Course Notes – 1 Laps – 30.5km inc lead-in

A tricky route with potential to split teams up definitely, not least due to 2 passes through those tricky Esses

Starting with ride out of the pens and up the 3% drag off the Beach, before hitting those Esses. A good trick for the team here is to, a) go into it as w/kg blob, all doing your Pos 1 power from the Pace Planner and b) NOT change gear, instead all stand and up the inclines and spin out on the slight descents. The reason for this is constantly changing gear will almost inevitably end up with someone getting dropped due to losing too much power.

Long largely uneventful mid-section after this should allow good rotations using the Power Planner worksheet, before you start the long side of the KQoM @ about 5.5km. You all need to agree a w/kg at this point for that first 400m push, then it is false flat where turns are possible.
Once through the arch, another 100m or so to the sharp left. You CAN Supertuck all the way down, but in short race like this, if you are capable of over 3w/kg, keep pushing.

Once down, you have 8km of mostly flat to really do good turns! Only the incline out of the tunnel is a point of note.

Back to the Esses at 16.6km, same rules apply as the first pass. Then through the Beachfront information and on to the KQoM again. This is the last hard effort and you need to go as hard in w/kg as your 4th best rider can do. Call it early and look out for each other. Once at the top, gather your 4 and try to go back to turns, all the way home.

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Full details below, use the PRINT button for a simplified text only version of this page.

DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
0.0km600mTime to get team together and rotating – pick a first leader to go up the 3%
600m500m3%The drag off the beach
1.1km1.3kmUnd.Into The ESSES – try to blob up and hold similar w/kg to avoid splits. Don’t change gear too much!
2.4km3kmChance to regroup and push through with the high power short turns
5.5km400m8%Initial part of KoM – agreed w/kg based on group avg. to keep group blobbed, then you should be able to do some turns to the banner. Rein in lighter riders on this section.
7.9km1km-3-5%You can Supertuck, but if you are above 3w/kg keep pushing the speed
8.8km8kmBe pedalling before the bridge on the way down, then regroup and start the rotations again, only the Tunnel exit at 11.8km should be caution.
16.5km1.3kmUnd.The ESSES again – push at above threshold w/kg, if above 4 in group then anyone dropped is not an issue – otherwise stay together
17.8km2kmDown past the beach and ready for the final climb
19.8km1km6-8%w/kg blob, based on Planner, but stick with your 4th rider, as they will struggle to get back on with long descent to follow.
21km10kmIncreasingly short, but powerful turns are important now, keep pushing to the line, burning riders if you have enough.