Course Notes – 1 Laps + Lead-In – 27.8km (101m elevation)

Watopia Waistband starts in the desert and that means FLAT. In fact the first ‘rise’ doesn’t come until 10km, as you climb out of said desert and then swing left and down through the trees to the tunnels.

After you are out of the tunnel – watch the 3% exit – there is the false flat drag up through the hairpins and then sweep down into the villas (cobbles) and on down to the flat road to the Volcano via a gravel section. Heavier riders just need to watch for gaps during this ‘descent’

Finally you have the kicker around the back of the Volcano (5% max for 100m) before racing for home via the seafront and back into the desert for 4km

Listed details below. Distances are full race distance, starting from the pens.

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DistanceFeature LengthElevationNotes
Lead In
0km2.5km0%Desert blast – get into a rhythm and push early
10.0km900m3-4%Climb out of the desert, caution for splits but turns possible
16km900m1-2% AvFalse flat around hairpins to villas
19.7km150m5%Volcano kicker
24km4kmInto the desert and build for a big finish